IT Project and Program Management

Managing complex Information Technologies initiatives has always been a strength of our Project and Program manager resources.


We have, a verifiable, successful track records, of implementing all IT and telecom systems for a new Healthcare facility such as Hospitals, or Corporate moves for Global Companies from Data Centers to Office moves, we have demonstrated a unique skill in this field and posses clear understanding of the required knowledge to deliver. 


In an age of concerns for IT systems security and reliability, we have the acquired, succesful experience of implementing CIP, (critical Infrastructure protection) for the electrical grid, banking, healthcare and govermant service, IT systems for sustained delivery of services. We have experience, working closely with goverment agencies such as FAEMA, and Dept. of Homeland Security. We  participate in the Computer Emergency Response  Team, CERT. 


As one of the early adopters of Cloud based Infrastructure. we bring a solid understanding and comprehensive experience of cloud based systems delivery.  

IT SOLUTION - Mid-Range &  Mainframe Systems 

Years of combined, acquired implementation, upgrade, migrations of Mainframe and Mid range systems in Banking , Insurance, Healthcare, Energy, Goverment, Manufacturing industries allows us to provide an invaluable bridge between user customers and Hardware manufacturers and software releases. 


This article was updated on January 25, 2018