Global Web Integration and Media Production Companies

Cloud Media Solutions

Cloud based post-production solutions. 

We offer Film makers of all walks of life and companies small and large, a unique Cloud media Production work-flow Solution.


We have implemented a film post-production work-flow solution entirely installed on a cloud computing infrastructure.  This allows us to provide our customers with a phenomenal tool at extraordinary cost savings.

No infrastructure is required from our customers, we provide virtual computing


We provide all the infrastructure.

Our customer no longer need to invest in IT hardware or IT resources.  Our services are provided on a Per-use basis. We offers our clients an infrastructure available 24/7.


Virtual Computing: HDWorldmedia Cloud Computing Solutions

If your work is to provide internet systems and web integration services, most are the times you will find yourself faced with the challenge of delivering complicated solutions.
At HDworldmedia, we have made it our sole responsibility to provide robust high-end cloud computing services, made powerful by endless scalability in both size and functions for your publishing and business needs. We have built a Cloud computing solution of choice for solopreneurs to SMEs all the away to big companies looking for a proficient solution. What is more? Our Cloud is simple to commission and use.

So, how much do we charge for the HDworldmedia Cloud? We have good news for you; the application we use is released under the GNU/General Public License v 2.0, its underlying structure is free, hence our very reasonable price.

Cloud Computing Solution for all Businesses.

We have built a solution around a very rigorous criterion. Our solution has changed how businesses think and operate. Our business model allows us to offer our customers Cloud computing solutions that were once only open for large corporations. We provide Cloud computing solutions for the 21st century and beyond. It is the system of choice for businesses looking to operate the NEW way.

HDworldmedia will install, maintain and manage your Cloud computing system for you.
Endless scalability and robust design at a reasonable price
From the onset, our goal has been to provide our clients with Cloud Computing service that rivals the ones utilized by major companies. Actually, we aimed at exceeding their capacity. To build a cloud computing service like no other, our engineers responded to technological requirements expressed by businesses. HDworldmedia Cloud computing service is flexible and scalable to meet all of your future needs.

Our cloud computing solution is run on resilient global servers housed in secure facilities. All the data you save on our cloud is archived using secure encryption for security and integrity. Our solution utilizes complex algorithm that guarantees security consequently opening doors to local, regional, and global business.

We use state-of-art servers to support our HDworldmedia Cloud. This allows for faster end-to-end business transactions. We pride ourselves as leaders in the provision of a cloud computing service that rivals many other in the market. Our Cloud solution is flexible for small businesses and scalable according to the needs of the customer – now, tomorrow, and years to come.