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Truly scalable staffing resource availability for the enterprise of the future.

It comes as no surprise that the corporate world is now migrating to a on-demand per need resource management model. All Industries are moving to contract based outsourcing model for their staffing needs.

The IT industry is on the forefront of these changes. For several years large IT and service providers have migrated to on demand models. Project and program management as well as application support and development I have gradually been migrated to remote resources. The fiscal advantage is being immediate in reducing costs off building and facility infrastructures.

Applying the principals of cloud based Information Technology infrastructure and virtualization, we have leveraged it to apply to staffing resources, HDworldmedia, can provide a substantial cost saving model.

  • We achieve this by leveraging our cloud infrastructure.
  • We match your needs with the best available skill sets on a global scale.
  • We get you the Subject Matter Experts you need.
  • Our staffing resource bill “True Usage”. We provide our remote resources with a real time logging system allowing only computer-logged time to be billed.
  • Our clients ONLY pay for the actual use of the resource. Lag time is never billed.

Our Project and Program Management services are scalable to your needs, full force when needed and running at lower capacity during a down phase. Compared to traditional Project and Program Management. No matter what your need, we will ensure that you receive the most cost efficient solution available. We manage your Projects and Programs according to your needs, maximizing output and results, by assigning resources as needed.

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