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IT Consulting Services
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IT Consulting Services

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HDworldmedia Companies Consulting Services


With It's principals, accumulating substantial IT infrastructure knowledge, implementation and solutioning over the past 35 years, Hdworldmedia Companies is well place to provide consulting services for customers worldwide. 

We have delivered solutions, management and implementations,  either directly or indirectly, to private, public and goverment entities.

See our list of customers.. 

  • We offer General Project Managment for IT Implementations, following substantial experience in the following areas
    • IT Infrastructure  Architecture.
    • IT QA and Development phase of infrastrcuture, systems and applications. 
    • Providing realistic deliverables, invaluably aquired by decades of experience
    • Well versed in available IT technologies. 
    • IT Solution Development and budgeting 
    • IT Solution implementation 
    • IT Portofolio management process with our own propriatery Cloud based System management. 
    • Managing the projects from anywhere in the world from any device. 
    • Scalabilty of Human and material resources
    • A unique financial billing model allowing for just the needed budget. 
    • Mutilingual Project Consultants;  We provide our services in English; French; Italian; Spanish and German.
    • Third party reosurces Companies welcome. 

We accomplish this with the help of our own, proprietary, complete virtual infrastrcuture and applications, delivered and accessed through a secure and redundant cloud dellivery medium.  For more information please reach out. 









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