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HDworldmedia Companies LLC,

Has increased it's coverage of events services. We provide film crews, anywhere at any time for event coverage.  As part of our  custom film and footage coverage we can deploy teams of camera crews to all the corners of the world for assignments coverage of corporate, private or public events. A independent service devoid of any agenda but our customers.

A film interview gives you a chance to put a face on your product, message or service. They’re an opportunity for you to answer your target audience’s questions (even preempt them) or further explain your thoughts and goals in a personal way. That’s not something to underestimate!

Are you interested in using an interview to present your message? Let us know. Contact us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Over the past year, HDworldmedia® has worked with Florida author Rita Malie to create a short series of interviews and other promotional material. The films gave Malie the opportunity to discuss her books and her reasons for writing them. They also provided a platform for her to present sample excerpts from her work. The cozy setting made the interviews more personal.


Our teams travel with their equipment and all necessary means of communicating, editing and publishing the filmed material from the remotest part of the world.



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