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If you're involved with Internet systems development and implementation, you will find that you need to deliver sophisticated solutions.


At HDworldmedia®, we deliver a robust enterprise-level integrated business solution, empowered by endless scalability both in functions and in size for your business and publishing needs. This is the system of choice for small to medium businesses all the way to major corporations looking for a professional solution. It’s simple to deploy and use. We do content right.


So, what's the catch? How much does this system cost? Well, there's good news ... and more good news! We average a 70 to 75 % cost savings verses a traditional infrastructure. Our solution is, though dedicated to our customer, usage billed based, and there NO Investment, therefore NO depreciation. It is just a straight expense.


A solution for all businesses HDworldmedia® has developed a system process answerable to rigorous criteria. We changed the way businesses think, offering our clients solutions once only available to the largest corporation. HDworldmedia® is different from the usual models for running a business. 


Our model provides for a true 21st-century solution directed to all companies that want to do business the NEW way. We provide installation, maintenance and management of systems for our customers. Developed a scalable solution with a robust architecture at a reasonable cost.


From the start, our thought was to provide our customers with a tool that could rival the ones used by all major corporations. In fact, we wanted to exceed their capabilities. In designing our solution, we responded to the needs for technology that all effective business have.

Our solution is modular and expandable to meet growth and future needs.


- Device independent delivery. Mobile access is a must today. Do not miss on it! 

- Content management with integrated DB systems: SQL, MySQL, SAP and Oracle

- Full integration into Cloud computing.

- Resilient, data-secure hardware facilities.

- Backup in point in time.

- Distributed Global infrastructure, allowing for local, regional or global commerce.

- Secure e-commerce transactions.

- Multiple currency options integrating global automated currency exchange systems and allowing for adjustments due to fluctuation It is capable of reaching all markets our clients target and the one not yet targeted.

- Multiple language access.

- Different content for different markets. It provides true effective scalable communications. - Secure email and mail management.

- Integrated fax.

- Global voice technologies.

- Integrated video communication and conferencing.


The tool is adjustable for the small business and expandable for the needs of the client—today, tomorrow and next year!

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