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Our company specializes in providing high-definition media footage production for customers worldwide. When you or your company requires images or footage of a particular subject or from a specific geographic area, our teams at HDworldmedia® stand ready. We will travel to any location, in the United States or internationally, to provide your product.

Because of the services we offer, the dedicated in-house teams we send out, and the redundant technology infrastructure we have implemented, we can provide products at short notice with full customer satisfaction. Our teams remain onsite until the customer acceptance sign-off and will provide additional work if the project's scope is revised.

Services offered by HDworldmedia® Footage:

- Footage from a specific location

- Footage of a specific subject

- Footage of a specific event

- B-roll for sporting, political and news events

- B-roll for full-length features and television series

- B-roll of supporting locations, transportation and time zones

Our teams are composed of interviewers, cameramen, photographers, computer operators, and all necessary support equipment—all ready to travel at short notice.

Because our infrastructure relies on global cloud computing, and because our teams are equipped with the latest computer and media technologies, HDworldmedia® can deliver images to our customers in a very short time. Our ability to integrate into the customer's own systems allows us to provide high-definition footage and images in a secure and effective manner and in a timely fashion.

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