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Global Media & Web Business integration Services

Filmed media integrated with e commerce boost sales !

The  Internet is now the ultimate platform for communicating ideas, products and sales to all audiences. That is not Just a statement, it is a reality.




Where do you want your computing power? Do you want it on your desktop, in a costly substandard cloud computing service, or in the unrivalled HDworldmedia Cloud? If your business never seems to get enough computing power, your internal IT infrastructure may be bursting at the seams trying to keep up with your office operations. For these operations to stay alive, and your business to remain afloat, you will need to employ the capability of dependable external IT infrastructure. Our mission at HDworldmedia is, among other things, to continuously provide superior web integration and cloud computing solutions supported by our capable IT infrastructure.
Our HDWorldmedia cloud computing solution is suitable for individuals, small businesses and large corporations with a need for intensive computing power. The HDworldmedia Cloud caters to engineers, programmers, developers, and others who careers depend on unlimited access to concentrated computing power. Our cheap cloud computing solution eliminates the need for batch processing or access to sliced computer time; you can work from wherever and at any time. Our solutions are highly scalable, and are as suitable for solopreneurs as they are for multinational corporations.
More power means more Output
HDworldmedia cloud computing gives you more power on your desktop than you will ever need. Thanks to nifty structuring by our team of expert engineers, you can run multiple applications; control your budgets, balance books, and mail correspondence among other things right from your desktop. The HDworldwide Cloud will save you time and give you peace of mind to help you strategize, test and align your business for a brighter future.
Our aim is not to kill out desktop computing, but to stretch it far and beyond its limit. In any huge corporation that wants to operate the new way, desktop computing is a weak-kneed option that demands more than it gives. High IT infrastructure costs and rigidity characteristic of desktop computing are two major factors pushing more and more CEOs to adopting our cheaper and more efficient cloud computing solution. We host our cloud service on dedicated servers utilizing 16-bit encryption keys for airtight security.
Energy Efficiency and Environment Friendly
At HDworldmedia, we pride ourselves as flag bearers in the provision of eco-friendly cloud computing services. We offer our cloud computing solutions on a platform of reliability and social responsibility. We use only the best of internationally tested and approved technologies that aim at reducing the levels of carbon emissions.

Thursday, 05 April 2012 12:04

Benefits Of HDworldmedia Cloud Computing

Written by Michel Jaumin

Benefits of HDworldmedia Cloud
We have created our cloud solution to be the best there is in the industry. With more and more businesses trying to cut down on IT infrastructure, get more storage space and increase their computing power, our cloud computing solution could not have come at a better time.
There are many reasons why individuals, small enterprises and large corporations keep choosing our HDworldmedia cloud computing service.
At HDworldmedia, we offer an all-inclusive cloud computing solution that is true value for your money. Our payment structure allows businesspersons to pay incrementally, in turn, making huge savings. Moreover, our cheap cloud computing service eliminates all costs incurred procuring and maintaining internal IT infrastructure. With our HDworldmedia Cloud, it is all about cost reduction, and more cost reduction. You can count on our cloud to bring down your energy bill.
Greater storage capacity
HDworldmedia Cloud will give you more storage space than you will ever need. Companies can store away more data with our cloud than they ever could with private computer systems. There is no need to clamp all your files on an already exhausted server. Our cloud provides a central storage facility for all your storage needs. Information retrieval is easy and fast. We also offer backup services with our storage option.
Highly automated
At HDworldmedia, we develop solutions that guarantee a greater ROI. For this reason, we design highly automated solutions that will keep your business running 24/7, with or without human supervision. Your IT technicians need not worry about updating software or tweaking a system, our Cloud is always on auto, updating and adding tweaks on the go.
HDworldmedia cloud computing solution is the most flexible cloud computing solution out there. Our solution should offer you more flexibility than any cloud computing you have tried in the past. We fully understand the place of flexible solutions in business operations.
You can run your business from wherever with our HDworldmedia Cloud. It does not matter where your employees are, they will also be able to access information and transact business. They will not be tied down to desks that drain creativity, but will be out there in the real world doing what you pay them to.
Your IT farm can shift focus
Our cloud computing service will free more time for your IT herd. Since your team will not need to worry about updates or system tweaks, they can channel this time into brainstorming new ideas and innovation; the reasons you hired them in the first place. 

Thursday, 05 April 2012 08:31

Project Management & Consulting Services

Written by Administrator

Truly scalable staffing resource availability for the enterprise of the future.

It comes as no surprise that the corporate world is now migrating to a on-demand per need resource management model. All Industries are moving to contract based outsourcing model for their staffing needs.

The IT industry is on the forefront of these changes. For several years large IT and service providers have migrated to on demand models. Project and program management as well as application support and development I have gradually been migrated to remote resources. The fiscal advantage is being immediate in reducing costs off building and facility infrastructures.

Applying the principals of cloud based Information Technology infrastructure and virtualization, we have leveraged it to apply to staffing resources, HDworldmedia, can provide a substantial cost saving model.

  • We achieve this by leveraging our cloud infrastructure.
  • We match your needs with the best available skill sets on a global scale.
  • We get you the Subject Matter Experts you need.
  • Our staffing resource bill “True Usage”. We provide our remote resources with a real time logging system allowing only computer-logged time to be billed.
  • Our clients ONLY pay for the actual use of the resource. Lag time is never billed.

Our Project and Program Management services are scalable to your needs, full force when needed and running at lower capacity during a down phase. Compared to traditional Project and Program Management. No matter what your need, we will ensure that you receive the most cost efficient solution available. We manage your Projects and Programs according to your needs, maximizing output and results, by assigning resources as needed.

For more information please contact us here

If you are a IT Project /Program management or IT Architect professional, and are interested to be considered for upcoming assignments, please submit your resume with our career portal.

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HDworldmedia Cloud Computing Solutions

Written by Administrator
At HDworldmedia, we provide a cloud-computing platform designed to get your business up and soaring in the clouds. It is a service like no other, a technological blueprint pointing to an even brighter future for your business. We are pioneers in the fields of web integration and cloud computing, offering scalable services that are suitable to small businesses, medium sized enterprises, and large corporations. Built around the concepts of flexibility and cost reduction, our Cloud computing solution is a perfect way of reducing your IT spending.

Our HDworldmedia Cloud is the product of proper planning, timely execution of ideas, and nifty engineering. We develop our solutions through a series of stages, all based on a broader concept of converged infrastructure and the sharing of services. HDworldmedia cloud computing platform provides an environment where enterprises can run their operations in a faster and more reliable manner. We aim at providing a Cloud computing solution that requires little maintenance, is easy to manage, and allows for resources such as networking and file sharing, so as to meet the rapidly changing needs of the business world.

With our Cloud computing technology, enterprises can favorably adjust the capacity of their IT departments to meet variations in demand. This allows managers to stay on top of things while making huge savings on IT spending. At HDworldmedia, we hold your hand all the way there. We will install, manage and maintain your cloud computing technology for you. That way, you can spend your time being innovative and productive.

We understand the place of speed, flexibility, mobility, security, and reliability as far as cloud computing is concerned. HDworldmedia is home to flexibility. We provide a Cloud computing service that accommodates the needs of all businesses. Our Cloud is deployed through two main models.

First, there is the Public Cloud that we designed to meet the requirements of various organizations with similar needs but that want to cut costs by sharing infrastructure. The greatest upside of this model is the significant reduction in IT costs. Moreover, organizations can benefit greatly from sharing workstations and storage resources. We also provide what we call the Community Cloud, which allows different businesses with mutual concerns and from the same community to share infrastructure. Our underlying goal is to provide first-rate cloud computing services at incredibly low rates.

Our HDworldmedia Cloud will significantly improve your business by helping you regulate IT spending, and by providing a swift platform to run your operations.