Our Media division is at the forefront of media mangement. Information Technologies and Filmmaking are now inseparable.

We offer a comprehensive access to the three layers of Digital Filmmaking, all under a single umbrella. Our services encompass all aspects of Media releases. 

Actress Model, Susanna Nelson
  • Full-service Digital Media Production
    • A one stop shop for anyone wanting to make a film or photographic projects. 
    • We provide all the necessary production needs, with our own, owned equipment. RED camera (s), heavy camera accessories, full range of lense,  ligthing, monitors, On line editing to meet needs
    • A complete Production crew.
    • Online complete production management system. 
    • Insurance coverage to satisfy Federal, State and municipal Permits, Including  US National Parcs.
    • We are accredited with cities such as Paris. 
    • Our team offer International press accreditation. 
    •  Single prices "Production Packages".
    •  Financing options.   

  • Media Management, Editing, and Storage
    • Same day Digital file upload for delivery and safeguard.
    • Unlimited amount of Storage Infrastructure space for media and data files during production and Post-production.
    • Digital file transcoding and Compression engine using cloud computing.
    • File delivery worldwide through 54 geographical locations.
    • Encrypted file safeguard and Identity access management

  • Media Distribution and Platforms.
    • Secure digital file access with versioning options.
    • Multi-format streaming services  for film distribution to all Platforms, Mobile to Full 4K HD 
    • Distribution of film to Film Festivals Globally.  
    • Video On demand Platform for selling your Completed media. 
    • On line sales platform for Commercial stills with optional syndication  with leading Photo selling engines, Getty Images, Flicker, 500PX  
Michel Jaumin
Media Productions are led by Award Winning Director, Michel Jaumin 

This article was updated on April 2, 2019