Media Systems Management and Delivery

We provide a solide infrastructure for management and delivery of digital media, specifically Large data, 4k, 6k, and 8k. We manage the digital data files from capture, upload to storage, transfer, editing and finally to distribution.

  • Media Management, Editing, and Storage
    • Same day Digital file upload for delivery and safeguard.
    • Unlimited amount of Storage Infrastructure space for media and data files during production and Post-production.
    • Digital file transcoding and Compression engine using cloud computing.
    • File delivery worldwide through 54 geographical locations.
    • Encrypted file safeguard and Identity access management
    • We offer hard storage, with 100 Year digital preservation Medium. 

  • Media Distribution and Platforms.
    • Secure digital file access with versioning options.
    • Multi-format streaming services  for film distribution to all Platforms, Mobile to Full 4K HD 
    • Distribution of film to Film Festivals Globally.  
    • Video On demand Platform for selling your Completed media. 
    • On line sales platform for Commercial stills with optional syndication  with leading Photo selling engines, Getty Images, Flicker, 500PX  

This article was updated on December 30, 2017