Bonneville Salt flats, USA

Expected to take place November 2020


A Portfolio BUILDING opportunity




and MoDels

Hdworldmedia is pleased to announce the first of the 2020 series of Media production Hands on Learning opportunities. This one will take place at Bonneville Flats Utah, USA on Marsh 7th, 2020

HDworldmedia's award-winning team will provide our participants with a fully styled fashion shoot concept.

There are no requirements or minimum levels of expertise, for anyone to join this day shoot. You will get the attention required for the your experience to be memorable.

  • A fashion Media shoot designed to beautifully and effectively showcase the location, the models and the production concept
  • Photographers will get the full support of Hdworldmedia award Photography winning team,
  • Filmmakers will have the opportunity to work with Michel Jaumin, Nominee for Best fashion cinematography at the latest London Fashion film festival (2019) Offer how to submit placement in fashion film festivals worldwide, affording your brand a unique and compelling marketing piece that potentially places you alongside those of the top fashion filmmakers and fashion houses of the world including Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney.
  • Models interested in building experience on a professional fashion set and getting additional Portfolio built are welcomed. They will be coached by our staff,

Supported by photographed or filmed by an experienced production team that includes a director, producer, production manager, wardrobe stylists, location stylists, hair and makeup artists, lead / assistant photographers and professional models.

2019, Shoot Concept By Hdworldmedia at Driftwood Beach, GA


To ensure you and your collection are afforded adequate time and attention, HDworldmedia accepts a limited number of designer participants on each of our international fashion media production shoots. Prior to your shoot, our stylists and production managers will schedule preparatory sessions to discuss various elements, including:

  • 2 Full day shoot, on location at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah
  • 3 Models with selected designs, as well as footwear and accessories.
  • Photographers will work in small groups of no more than 5.
  • Each Photographer / Filmmaker will have the opportunity to work Solo with each Models.
  • Each photographer / Filmmaker will retain all right to the media they capture including commercial rights.
  • The Models chosen from HDworldmedia's preferred agencies
  • All models will get Makeup and Hair Styling
  • Set and location styling options are designed by our stylist.
  • Fashion designs are selected and adapted in accordance to the theme os the event .


  • Full support team,
  • All support for the media shoot
  • Lunch meals are included in the cost and provided as well as snacks and soft drinks will be available throughout the day.
  • Power generator provided for recharging batteries, phones etc
  • Transportation from Salt Lake City to Slat flat shoot location (s)
  • Cloud storage provided if requested,
  • Option to sell your captured still on the Hdworldmedia store.
  • All model, location and other necessary releases, including copies of any pulled permits and documentation of usage rights. Originals will be kept on file at HDworldmedia.
  • Model release will be provided for unlimited use license. Restrictions are applied to safeguard the privacy of the models.

not Included:

  • Photographers and filmmakers must bring their own cameras, Lenses and computers if warranted.
  • Insurance coverage for your personal gear,
  • Travel Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Lodging.
  • Transport to and from the site location.

NOTE: We will provide additional information to all individuals that have signed up.


This opportunity is offered for aN all inclusive price of $1395.00