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Vogue Capture by Photographer Michel Jaumin


Summer 2021 - Sunrise on the docks

Summer Essence 2021 - In dreams we travel

August 2021 - Editorial Michel Jaumin

June 2021 - Art Fashion

Colors - Fall 2021

Rebel - fall 2021

Le Désir, January 2022

Upcoming editorial- Versace active wear

Upcoming Editorial

Vigour Magazine - Dec 2021 Issue

Photography by Michel Jaumin and Hdworldmedia Companies team.

Award-winning published Filmmaker and photographer. We travel across the world to get our customer's images in Iconic locations. We deal in Cine-photography, with RED Cameras at 4k, 5k, 6k, and 8k High Definition images and sequences. We NOW ARE USING HASSELBLAD H SYSTEM CAMERAS !!! All stills offered on this site have RAW files available upon request for exclusive license requesters.

In addition to working for my customers, We also offer organized film and photography sessions with models and designers in iconic global locations. Cine-Photography is the use of DSMC high-resolution motion capture as the mean of getting very high-quality, crisp still images.


"Inspire to Create"

  • H3Dii-39 (8 Bit captures) Tether
  • H6D-50C (16 Bitt captures) Tether and Wifi - GPS ready
  • X1Dii-50C (16 Bit captures ) Tether and Wifi - GPS ready
  • Hasselblad First and second generation HC Lens 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 110mm macro, 50-110 mm Zoom

  • Apple iMac 5k Monitor Loaded with Phocus Hasselblad Software for media management and Tethering
  • WIFI Tethering and monitoring to PCs, Tablets, and Mobiles
  • Tethering system cabling
  • Storage Card (s)
  • Dual Strobe ( Power required) system

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