TODAY, The Stories of a Photographer And a Filmmaker are Often, Digital. Then what ..............?

Our team of Media production specialists has been at the forefront of Digital media production from day One. We have grown with and along with the technologies of the past 40 years, We bring the wealth of knowledge and experience acquired since the dawn of the digital age. Today we bring to our customers the latest way of distributing Media productions.

  • We use HASSELBLAD and RED cameras exclusively for stills and film.
  • We have partnered with content delivery powerhouse Vimeo allowing us to stream our customer creations in their own portfolios, as well as on-demand, and as of 2020 adding the ability to Stream live to multiple destinations globally, simultaneously.
  • With over 10 years of experience with Cloud AWS technologies, for Delivery, Hosting, and Storage, we are well-positioned to deliver access to our customers via 64 delivery data centers throughout the world.

A Global IT infrastructure

Designed specifically for Film making Production Support, allows us to store, edit, transcode and deliver any digital file to anywhere in the world Within a short time. 

  • Big data file management system. 
  • Same day Digital file delivery and safeguard. 
  • Unlimited amount of digital storage Infrastructure during production.
  • Unlimited use of Digital file transcode and Compression engine based in Cloud 
  • File delivery worldwide through 24 geographical Datacenter. 
  • Encrypted file safeguard and Identity access management 
  • CELTX Studio for the project 
  • SONY CI for the project 

NEW - Live Stream for the fashion INdustry- NEW

Caroline Herrera brings the runway to You

Why? here is a Livestream Experience....

Tn fashion, trends may shift with each season, but innovation is a constant. “It’s really important as a designer to always be on the cutting edge of technology,” says Elizabeth Fuller, Digital Manager at Carolina Herrera. “Live video is a really important part of our marketing strategy.”

After a poor experience with another live streaming provider, the Herrera team opted not to live stream their fashion show one year, and they quickly saw the unintended consequences. “We saw a significant decrease on our social platforms, and there was a lot less talk around the event because people couldn’t see it as it was happening,” says Fuller. They also lost international press compared to previous seasons. “We knew after that season it was a mistake to not live stream.”

When the team evaluated new solutions, they opted to partner with Vimeo in part because of its exclusive live production services. Soon, the Herrera team produced a stunning show in a remarkable venue: The Frick Collection in New York.

With this streaming success, Fuller lost her previous fears: “We felt such a sense of confidence with Vimeo. From a tech standpoint, we could really rely on it. The best part of working with Vimeo, beyond the professionalism, was the quality of the product. The stream was crystal clear and the end result was fantastic.”

"Our experience couldn’t be better. From the very beginning with the sales process, all the way through the more custom work the development team did, and then our producer who was hands-on and wasn’t afraid of a challenge — it was a truly incredible and professional experience"

Elizabeth Fuller

Digital Manager at Carolina Herrera