Pricing Guide

Half Day

The cost of participating is broken down per style and look, per location.
We offer a minimum half-day shoot with up to 3 looks, 1 model for US $2450.00

Starting at $2450.00 a half day

Full Day

As above, with. a full day of shoot, 1 model and 5 looks - $4250.00

Starting at $4250.00 a day

Additional film

HD 4k, Short film, sequences taken at shoot, edited and formatted for website and social media publication.

Starting at US $300.00

Specifics and Deliverables

What is included In the Paris 2020, Package

  • All associated travel cost for the location
  • All associated Location costs.
  • All permits required allowing commercial use of media.
  • All Insurance coverage and Liability.
  • All model search associated cost
  • All makeup artist costs
  • All model and model agency fees
  • All concept research and preparations
  • All photographer and team fees
  • All cinematographer and team fees if "film" option selected
  • All styling and stylist(s) fees


  • Full access to the images within 7 days - online, private access to review system.
  • Full commercial rights to all media.
  • All full releases for models, locations, props, third party accessories
  • IT access to all media, and redundant storage.
  • All media delivered on secure portable SSD.

Not included

  • Additional model, half day (including makeup, hair, styling) "Ready for Media Production" 3 looks - Billable US $675.00
  • Additional model, full day (including makeup, hair, styling) "Ready for Media Production" 5 look - Billable US $1,075.00
  • Additional look (including makeup, hair, styling) "Ready for Media Production" per look - Billable US $325.00
  • Additional location, on request, cost is "pass through" for transportation, permits, location cost, lodging, catering.
  • Advanced editing, a service available at billable rate of US $130.00 per hour
  • Additional storage medium including copying, transfer and delivery, both digital and SSD 1 TB MAX - Billable for US $450.00.