Pricing Guide

3 looks - 1 Model

The cost of participating is broken down per style and look, per location.
We offer a minimum, one location shoot with up to 3 looks, with 1 model for US $3450.00

Starting at $3450.00

5 looks - 1 location

As above, with. a full shoot, 1 model and 5 looks - $4,250.00

Starting at $4250.00

Additional film

HD 4k, Short film, sequences taken at shoot, edited and formatted for website and social media publication.

Starting at US $3000.00

Specifics and Deliverables

What is included In the Paris 2020, Package

  • All associated travel cost for the location
  • All associated Location costs.
  • All permits required allowing commercial use of media.
  • All Insurance coverage and Liability.
  • All model search associated cost
  • All makeup artist costs
  • All model and model agency fees
  • All concept research and preparations
  • All photographer and team fees
  • All cinematographer and team fees if "film" option selected
  • All styling and stylist(s) fees


  • Full access to the images within 7 days - online, private access to review system.
  • Full commercial rights to all media.
  • All full releases for models, locations, props, third party accessories
  • IT access to all media, and redundant storage.
  • All media delivered on secure portable SSD.

Not included

  • Additional model, 3 look (including makeup, hair, styling) "Ready for Media Production" 3 looks - Billable US $1,675.00
  • Additional model, 5 looks (including makeup, hair, styling) "Ready for Media Production" 5 look - Billable US $2,075.00
  • Additional look (including makeup, hair, styling) "Ready for Media Production" per look - Billable US $825.00
  • Additional location, on request, cost is "pass through" for transportation, permits, location cost, lodging, catering.
  • Advanced editing, a service available at billable rate of US $130.00 per hour
  • Additional storage medium including copying, transfer and delivery, both digital and SSD 1 TB MAX - Billable for US $450.00.

Lock in your Spot !!

We require a Deposit of US $ 500.00 for locking in your spot for a selected shoot. This deposit is fully reimbursable if you change your mind before a final contract is agreed upon or 60 days before a scheduled shoot. It is then deducted from the Final Cost.

We require 55 % of the cost to be paid upon contract, prior to the Shoot and the remainder prior to delivery of Media. We reserve the right to withhold all media rights and licensing until all sums are paid.

We do offer Financing through PayPal, for up to 15,000.00 US $ over a maximum of 12 months. Please enquire by clicking this link.

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