Filming dates are Set for Phase 2

We will be filming some major sequences still needed in Glen St Mary, FL On May 24, 25, and 26, 2023. We hope to beat the heat and Humidity of Northern Florida, and we hope to Have the Film Open IN London in September 2023.

A little History

The Southern Glen fashion film is based on, and Southern working Citrus Orchard plant and flower nursery in Northern Florida.

The site has a great history; for over 100 years, the owners managed a nursery and created different varieties of Orchids. The Office had a dark room with sophisticated cameras to record the Orchids and prints sent to horticultural papers and magazines for publication to support this. Some of the greenhouses that have been abandoned are featured here. The buildings are still standing and grand.

What better thought for a shoot than to marry fashion, beauty, photography, and location?

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