Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Join us for an exclusive fashion media workshop! Moda Bella, or "beautiful fashion," is a fitting name for our beautiful Old San Juan photography workshop. Puerto Rico is a Caribbean Island filled with vibrant color, rich culture, and provocative rhythms. It is the perfect backdrop for those seeking to gain experience and build an elite, high-end professional photography portfolio, modeling portfolio of cover shots, or filmmaker showreel.

Editorial & Fine Art Photography, Cinematography.

" Roman Summer" Fashion Film, Designer

Antonella Rossi Roma,

Rome, Italy,

Hdworldmedia Prodcution s

Try On Hasselblad and Red Cameras,

Bring Your Camera!

Unlike other fashion photography and Film masterclasses, you can try out these iconic cameras.

Get a feeling trying one of these cameras, and your sample shots will be truly high-end between breathtaking locations and fashion from Selected designers and published Models.

[Immerse Yourself In The World of Fashion 

If you've ever wanted to step into the world of fashion, join us for this exclusive photography workshop held in the enchanted locale of Old San Juan and led by a world-renowned fashion photographer. His work for elite clients has appeared in top fashion publications.

Produced by internationally recognized Hdworldmedia, Moda Bella is a multi-day intensive photography and modeling workshop slated for July 3-7th, 2023. We provide the cameras AND a fully styled, high-end fashion shoot concept and the location at a fraction of the cost if self-produced. Puerto Rico offers beaches, forests, city streets, and historical sites that are perfect for exploring the art of an editorial campaign. By the end of day one, you'll be comfortable posing models, working with professional crews, designing the editorial layout, and ad idea proposal pitching tips. Imagine what you can learn in five days!

All Photography, Film, and Modeling Skill Levels Welcome

No minimum levels of expertise exist for anyone to join this workshop intensively. You will get the elite-level attention required for your experience to be memorable and potentially pivotal for your fashion photography, or filmmaking, career. We designed our Fashion Media shoot to showcase the location, models, and production concept beautifully and effectively for models, photographers, and filmmakers.

Moda Bella Fashion Media Workshop For Photographers

Working with elite cameras is one game-changer for this experience. Not only will your photos be dynamic, but you'll learn how to take pictures that will make designers want to work with you. You'll become proficient in the art of creative nuances of an editorial pitch and creating "looks" and engaging models in ways that complement the clothing designs. It's more than tricks of the trade.  

Moda Bella Fashion Media Workshop For Filmmakers

You'll work with Michel Jaumin, nominee and winner of multiple international fashion film festivals, in cinematography, scripting, and other categories. Learn to expertly craft and submit your projects for placement in fashion film festivals worldwide, affording your brand a unique and compelling marketing piece that potentially places yours alongside those of the world's top fashion filmmakers and fashion houses.

Moda Bella Fashion Media Workshop For Models

HDworldmedia seeks the most promising emerging professional models looking to further their experience working on a professional fashion photography/film set. You'll work with highly experienced HMUA and be coached by our staff. The sample shots created during this photography masterclass will showcase your beauty and skill. You'll work with a production team that includes a professional director, producer, production manager, wardrobe stylists, location stylists, hair and makeup artists, lead/assistant photographers, and professional models—something that is cost-prohibitive for those starting. More than that, you'll be photographed in carefully selected couture designs curated by leading independent designers.


Locations in OLD SAN JUAN to be used for backdrop to the Fashion Workshop


  • To ensure you are afforded adequate time and attention, HDworldmedia accepts a limited number of participants on each of our fashion media production shoots.
  • For this film, photoShoot
  • 5 Full-day Event July 3rd to 7th, 2023.
  • 3 Models with selected designs, footwear, and accessories.
  • Photographers will work in small groups of no more than 5.
  • Each Photographer / Filmmaker will be able to work Solo with each model.
  • Each photographer / Filmmaker will retain all rights to the media they capture, including commercial rights.
  • The Models are chosen from HDworldmedia's preferred casting
  • All models will get Makeup and Hair Styling
  • Set and location styling options are designed by the featured Designer and Model.
  • Fashion designs are selected and adapted in accordance with the theme of the event.
  • All model, location, and other necessary releases, including copies of any pulled permits and documentation of usage rights. Originals will be kept on file at HDworldmedia.
  • A model release will be provided for an unlimited-use license. Restrictions are applied to safeguard the privacy of the models.


You will have access to a Line of Hasselblad Cameras to get some experience with Medium format cameras. You will also have access to RED Digital Cinema cameras for both stills and film. Our team will fully support these; you can capture and save your stills/sequences.


  • Photographers and filmmakers must bring their cameras, Lenses, and computers if warranted.
  • Insurance coverage for your gear
  • Transportation is not provided.
  • Lodging.
  • Transport to and from the site location.
  • NOTE: We will provide additional information to all individuals that have signed up.

 Essential Photography & Film Masterclass Introduction

$ 1,150.00

Covers day 1

Includes Technical camera(s) Introduction for use on set

Day one begins in beautiful Puerto Rico with an introduction to the editorial shoot.

Subjects covered will include basics such as the specific number and layout of an editorial package, set etiquette and working with models and crew, proposal and pitching tips that will increase your chances of publication in top magazines, and negotiating usage rights and creative fees. 

Shooting will begin with a studio or indoor set where you'll work with accomplished models wearing pieces by top designers and styled by sought-after celebrity hair, makeup, fashion, and set stylists. You'll work with a high-end crew, shooting on Hasselblad and Red cameras on a fully-equipped, top-notch production set.

US $ 1,150.00

Two-Day Photography & Film Masterclass



Covers days 1 & 2

Now begins the art of editorial storytelling in the picturesque backdrop of Puerto Rico. Over two days, we'll take participants to pre-scouted outdoor and indoor locations throughout Old San Juan, which may include beaches, forests, city streets, and historic sites. Participants will learn to manipulate natural light using scrims, bounces, and other gear or choose the right spot, pose, and moment of the day. 

You'll also learn the ins and outs of outdoor shooting, including positioning shots to avoid - or take advantage of - background activity and getting great shots while minimizing disturbing the public while you work. 

All shoots will involve top-quality models, seasoned creative and crew professionals, elite Hasselblad cameras,

US 2,395.00

Three-Day Photography & Film Masterclass



Covers days 1,2 &3

Practice makes perfect! You'll get all of day one and day two experiences, but this fashion media photography workshop is just getting started. Pre-selected locations will make for a kaleidoscope of breathtaking imagery and energy as you learn to capture the moment and movement of fashion while directing models. 

Now that you, the models, and the crew have a rapport, you'll develop elite fashion photography skills like counterbalance, active composition, and interaction with the environment, emphasizing the haute couture and telling a cohesive story through an editorial ad campaign. . And you'll begin honing your aesthetic and creative fashion photography and filmmaking style.

US $ 3,595.00

Five-Day Photography & Film Masterclass



The full 5 days


If you're serious about building a solid fashion photography portfolio, including editorial, ad campaign, and lookbook projects, you'll want to invest in our 5-day event package.  

Remember, you're participating in a multi-camera, multi-location, and multi-day six-figure shoot. This unique experience will give you new insights into directing the equivalent for a top industry brand and producing ad campaigns, lookbooks, and other photographic projects for publication and brand clients of your own—all at a fraction of the cost of having a similar project yourself.

US $ 4,495.00


The colors of San Juan

We will Invoice you and offer Paypal with extended payment options

Payment Process

  • Please provide us with your information for us to invoice you.
  • You will receive an invoice from us via Paypal.
  • We have a 500.00 USD deposit to reserve your spot.
  • The balance of your selection will be due and invoiced to you no later than 30 days before the event.
  • This event will consist of a total of 5 days. It will take place In San Juan, Puerto Rico, in November 2023.