Media Production Services

We provide THe whole team

Hdworldmedia Companies is well suited to provide your Production with everything you need ! We are a One stop shop for an intended production

  • A full production team , ready to travel worldwide.
  • Scouting services
  • Script services and management
  • Set team
  • All equipment is in house owned ( We only film on RED cameras)
  • Full Management film project.
  • Full right and all release for commercial purpose to customer.
  • Full Insurance coverage per industry standards, for both Production, and Permit requirements
  • Full IT infrastructure, Secure high accessibility storage including redundancy long term storage. Conversion engines, Live stream Servers, with global access and replication of data storage to 64 locations.
  • Top of the line Dailies Processing system and accessibility
  • Core edits on location.
  • Swiss/US based highly secure mail and data transfer infrastructure.
  • Full non disclosure and Non Compete releases.

Media Production Participation Program

A hands-on learning experience

This is a program intended specifically for individuals interested in acquiring experience in fashion photography and filmmaking. It will allow you to participate as a member of the team, coached and directed by experienced production crew members in a full-fledged fashion photographic or cinematic shoot.

The program affords participants real-world experience shadowing and working in various fashion production crew roles including producing, production management, assistant directing, set styling, photography and cinematography. You'll be a vital part of successfully completing production and delivering a quality product to our clients. And you'll receive all appropriate recognition in film and photo credits, on IMDB, etc.

Message us using the form below and tell us what you're interested in learning.