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Making Films....


 We make films for ourselves and for our customers.

Beauty is natural Gift, Elegance is a Creative art. 

Making YOUR film !

We provide everything for you to make your film!  

As a filmmaker, your goal would be to make your film the best production ever made, and you would want to see all your hard work, time and effort show in the end.

You have a passion, an idea, and a script. The next step is to make into a film. 

All the hurdles you would need to produce the feature, such as scouting, permits, insurance, equipment, editing, data storage, project management, actors, casting, sets, studios, festival submission, etc.. We Handle!


And we do this as Packages ... 

This is where HDworldmedia comes in, as it will be a stepping stone in ensuring that the outcome of your film is as you expect it to be.


As you plan on how you would like the filming of your production to run, you should take into consideration the excellent and expert services offered by HDworldmedia. Their High Definition productions and professional experience can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Therefore as you are creating your film, you can select a package option from HDworldmedia;

The process is simple, and we make for easy for you. It can be set to suit your specific needs via the creation of a custom quote.  


HDworldmedia will assign a Production Coordinator who will have the responsibility of being your contact until the completion of the project.

The coordinator will then plan for a conference call (s)  with you and will review your requirements, which you will then agree to the extent of these requirements and sign off. Consequently. HDworldmedia will schedule your film day and assign a team to go out to your location(s).

It is important to note that HDworldmedia films on-site and within their quote, one to three hours of filming per minute to the final cut should be expected.


You are assured of HDworldmedia expertise, as the teams that film your production are well-skilled and trained in handling the equipment. This is also the same in for post production, as the company performs post-production edits to your liking.


The final steps include you receiving the final edit as well as turnover for the film on the decided format.

Integration services plus web publishing services are also available for the film when requested for.

High definition has redefined the way people think and has developed a new way with which people can view subjects, whether it is on TV, online, or on brochures, pamphlets among much more.


At the end of the day, you save a substantial amount of money and time,  as HDworldmedia is affordable, plus you save the energy due to the fact that the HDworldmedia team is a one stop shop.


" The Seventh Art is a combination of all the other arts, and we put them together to make it magic" 

Package Example.


HDWORLDMEDIA COMPANIES provides complete global reach through new technologies, with strong integration of medias and the Internet, enabling opportunities to be staged for global growth. 

Hdworldmedia Companies offers R3D film and cinephotography format, for our Media services, including Image gathering, both in the film and still form. 
We offer a full crew with portable equipment and IT infrastructure capabilities to deploy anywhere in the world at a moments notice. Providing HD Footage and Media Coverage with a global reach. Our teams of cameramen and technical support will go to any place on earth to get you and your company the images needed. 
With the support of a Global Integrated Cloud network, we can get your needed images send in no time. 

We are available for the days you need and provide Production package for your film: We offer an all inclusive Rate package. 

We provide your production with a full package to deliver, all portable, and ready to execute within a few hour. For example; we are accredited with The City of Paris Film Office:

Our daily rate quotes include travel days. 
Rates available anywhere in the world 

3 Crew Staff 
2 RED Cameras, 4k 5k & 6K 
Red camera full package and accessories. 
Red Power support; Red batteries; Red / V mount IED batteries 
Full lens package - Prime FF Cine lenses 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 85mm, 135mm, 100mm macro
Zoom 50- 500, Zoom 10-250 mm , 
zoom 30-300 mm with autofocus 
40mm autofocus- Motorized - 
Osmo 4k Camera (s) and gear (Mounts, etc ) 
Ronin heavy camera and gear (16 lbs Load) 
Ronin adapters for Vehicle Mount 
Ronin adapters for Job and Tripod Mounts 
Manfrotto Rig for RED 
Manfrotto Tripod and Dolly system. 
Manafrotto Monopod- Heavy camera 
Manafrotto fluid head(s) 
Rigwheel Vehicle Magnetic mount systems for Heavy camera. 
Rigwheel Rail and dolly system. 
2 Canon DSLR and gear 
Portable light studio system 
Portable 20 Ft jib, with multiple heads 
Audio professional equipment 
2 Support production monitors and camera HDMI, 
All power cabling 
1000 Watt portable Generator for remote operations 

We have our own Global IT infrastructure Designed specifically for Film making Production Support. This allows us to store, edit, transcode and deliver any digital file to anywhere in the world Within the same day. 

Big data file management system. 
Same day Digital file delivery and safeguard. 
Unlimited amount Storage Infrastructure during production 
Unlimited use of Digital file transcode and Compression engine based in Cloud 
File delivery worldwide through 24 geographical Datacenter. 
Encrypted file safeguard and Identity access management 
CELTX Studio for the project 
SONY CI for the project 

Coverage for Film liability insurance ( Coverage up to $ 1M per instance - $2 M. aggregated - additional necessary coverage will be charged) 
Permits management. ( fees are additional) 
All Crew travel, lodging, and food included - ( We use Standard US IRS and Corporate Guide lines for all transportation and Lodging and Food.) 
Foreign accreditation for filming - ( Visa Fees are Additional ) 

Additionally available 

Film scoring, Licensed and Score creation, with Know artists
Crew members for all positions, including - Director / DP , Producer, 
Additional Equipment 
Specialized equipment, additional cameras. lenses .. 
Heavy camera Drone and crew ( We carry RED ) 
Accessible Long term File IT storage. 
Editing services. 
Film distribution services. ( Webrelease,, Graphics, ( Poster , visuals etc.. ) VOD, Syndication , Festival Submissions, 
Film translation services and Subtitling 
Studio Large Green Screen 

Hdworldmedia Companies LLC, is a Florida based Company. The founders of the Companies, with extensive and varied experience in international Fortune 100 corporations, are the driving reason for pushing for a global reach of customers and resources. 



We'd love to hear from you

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