island of enchantment

Puerto Rico's famous moniker is a fitting one. This Caribbean island is an explosion of vibrant color, rich culture and provocative rhythms. This kaleidoscope of breathtaking imagery and energy provide the perfect backdrop for amazing photography and film.

island of enchantment

Puerto Rico's famous moniker is a fitting one. This Caribbean island is an explosion of vibrant color, rich culture and provocative rhythms. This kaleidoscope of breathtaking imagery and energy provide the perfect backdrop for amazing photography and film.

Announcing an exclusive fashion media portfolio building opportunity held in this enchanted locale and led by world renowned fashion photographer Francesco Vincenti, whose work for elite clients has appeared in top fashion publications worldwide. 

Produced by internationally recognized HDworldmedia, this multi-day intensive workshop, slated for late June (check back for exact dates soon), provides participants with a fully styled fashion shoot concept and location at a fraction of the cost if self-produced. 

No minimum levels of expertise exist for anyone to join this workshop intensive. You will get elite-level attention required for your experience to be a memorable and potentially pivotal one for your fashion photography or modeling career. We offer a fashion Media shoot designed to showcase the location, models, and production concept beautifully and effectively for:

Photographers: Learn the creative nuances and practical requirements for developing a magazine editorial pitch that will stand out from your competitors' and sell! 

Filmmakers: In addition to learning from Francesco, you'll work with Michel Jaumin, nominee and winner of multiple international fashion film festivals in cinematography, scripting and other categories. Learn to expertly craft and submit your own projects for placement in fashion film festivals worldwide, affording your brand a unique and compelling marketing piece that potentially places yours alongside those of the world's top fashion filmmakers and fashion houses including Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney.

Models: HDworldmedia seeks the most promising emerging professional models looking to further their experience working on a professional fashion photography / film set. You'll work with highly experienced HMUA and be coached by our staff,

Your production team will include a professional director, producer, production manager, wardrobe stylists, location stylists, hair and makeup artists, lead/assistant photographers and professional models. Carefully selected couture designs are curated from leading independent designers. 

Francesco vincenti

fashion photographer

Francesco Vincenti snapped his first photo at age four - a captivating portrait of his aging grandparents. He worked and studied under his father, also a professional photographer, while growing up in southern Sicily. In the decades since, he has become one of the most prolific and sought-after fashion photographers worldwide, working primarily from Milan, New York and Dubai. Francesco will walk you through creating a full editorial spread that you can confidently pitch to fashion magazines and brands.


francesco's work

Where you've seen it

Cartier - Chanel - Dior -
Louis Vuitton - Tom Ford - Goldenlady -
Philippe Matignon - Xagon - Angelo Galasso - Aldo Coppola -
Francesca Piccini - Sebastian Shoes - Momoni - Attic and Burn - Spektre - Botier

Vogue - Numero - Harpers Bazaar -
Marie Claire - Elle - L'Officiel - Tatler - Schon - Mojeh - Cosmopolitan - Glass









The first day, Only, in beautiful Puerto Rico will include an introduction to the editorial shoot. Francesco Vincenti will outline the essentials of an effective editorial, ad campaign or fashion lookbook that will convey professionalism and get your photography noticed by magazine and digital publishers. Subjects covered will include basics such as the specific number and layout of an editorial package; set etiquette and working with models and crew; proposal and pitching tips that will increase your chances of publication in top magazines; and negotiating usage rights and creative fees. Shooting will begin with a studio or indoor set where you'll work with accomplished models wearing pieces by top designers and styled by sought-after celebrity hair, makeup, fashion and set stylists. And you'll enjoy access to a fully equipped, top-notch production set.

Experience package


Over three days, we'll take participants to various outdoor and indoor locations throughout Puerto Rico. These may include beach, forest, city street and historic sites. Participants will learn how to manipulate natural light using scrims, bounces and other gear or simply choosing the right spot, right pose and right moment of the day. You'll also learn the ins and outs of outdoor shooting including positioning shots to avoid - or take advantage of - background activity and getting great shots while minimizing disturbing the public while you work. All shoots will involve top-quality models and seasoned creative and crew professionals along with a high-dollar gear package and, of course, haute couture photographer Francesco Vincenti.


PAY by the Day

If you're unable to commit to the entire event, you're still in luck! Participants can opt to join us on days 2, 3 or 4 of the event at our special à la carte / per day price. On each day, you'll get the same access to our top-quality production set, creatives and crew including personal instruction by world renowned fashion photographer Francesco Vincenti. It's an amazing opportunity to add to your fashion photography portfolio at a price far less than you'd pay to produce a comparable shoot on your own.


5 Day Package


If you're serious about building a strong fashion photography portfolio including editorial, ad campaign and look book projects, you'll want to spring for our full 5-day event package.  You'll get everything previously mentioned, PLUS critiques of a limited number of your best shots by world renowned fashion photographer Francesco Vincenti. You'll go home with everything you need to create a highly marketable fashion photography editorial. And you'll gain new insight into commanding the equivalent of a six-figure, multi-day shoot; and producing ad campaigns, look books and other photographic projects for publication and brand clients of your own. All of this comes at a fraction of the cost you'd incur producing a comparable project yourself.


prices are per person




Please reach out here for student discount request and verification of enrollment. We will invoice directly.




To ensure you and your collection are afforded adequate time and attention, HDworldmedia accepts a limited number of designer participants on each of our international fashion media production shoots. Before your shoot, our stylists and production managers will schedule preparatory sessions to discuss various elements, including:

  • Full day shoot, on location
  • 3 Models with selected designs, footwear and accessories.
  • Photographers will work in small groups of no more than 5.
  • Each Photographer / Filmmaker will have the opportunity to work Solo with each model Each photographer / Filmmaker will retain all rights to the media they capture, including commercial rights.
  • Models chosen from HDworldmedia's preferred agencies
  • All models will get Makeup and Hair Styling
  • Set and location styling options are designed by our stylist.
  • Fashion designs are selected and adapted per the theme of the event.


You will have access to a Line of Hasselblad Cameras to get some experience with Medium format cameras. You will also have access to a line of RED Digital Cinema cameras for both stills and film. Full support for these will be provided by our team, You will be able to capture and save your stills / sequences.

Specifics and Deliverables

What is included In the Puerto Rico 2023, Package

  • All associated travel costs for the location
  • All associated Location costs.
  • All permits are required to allow the commercial use of media.
  • All Insurance coverage and Liability.
  • All model search-associated cost
  • All makeup artist costs
  • All model and model agency fees
  • All concept research and preparations
  • All photographer and team fees
  • All cinematographer and team fees if the "film" option selected
  • All styling and stylist(s) fees


  • Full access to the images within seven days - online, private access to the review system.
  • Full commercial rights to all media.
  • All full releases for models, locations, props, third-party accessories
  • IT access to all media and redundant storage.
  • All media is delivered on a secure portable SSD.

Not included

  • Additional model, three looks (including makeup, hair, styling) "Ready for Media Production" 3 looks - Billable US $1,675.00
  • Additional model, five looks (including makeup, hair, styling) "Ready for Media Production" 5 looks - Billable US $2,075.00
  • Additional look (including makeup, hair, styling) "Ready for Media Production" per look - Billable US $825.00
  • Additional location, on request, the cost is "pass-through" for transportation, permits, location cost, lodging, and catering.
  • Advanced editing, a service available at a billable rate of US $130.00 per hour
  • Additional storage medium including copying, transfer, and delivery, digital and SSD 1 TB MAX - Billable for US $450.00.

LOck IN your Spot !!

We require a Deposit of US $ 500.00 for locking in your spot for a selected shoot. This deposit is fully reimbursable if you change your mind before a final contract is agreed upon or 60 days before a scheduled shoot. It is then deducted from the Final Cost.

We require 55 % of the cost to be paid upon contract, prior to the Shoot and the remainder prior to delivery of Media. We reserve the right to withhold all media rights and licensing until all sums are paid.

We do offer Financing through PayPal, for up to 15,000.00 US $ over a maximum of 12 months. Please enquire by clicking this link.