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NEVER QUIT, Beach Shoot

Now and then, we get out of the realm of Fashion and go out try to capture the expressions of the people faces. I love portraits; I love expressions, I love the combination of people, faces, and clothing, whatever it may be. So when we get the opportunity of shooting a vast crowd of individuals, involved in a large gathering or occupation, I rush at the chance of capturing, that slice of their existence, that tells me a story and their feeling.

Never Quit, Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Is an event that attracts several thousand runners on the beach each year. The event is to encourage everyone to take on a NEVER QUIT attitude, live life to its fullest and educate others through healthy life choices how to avoid or overcome the effects of Hypertension, Heart Disease, Stroke, Brain Bleeds, obesity, and cancer.

All Photographers that participate offer their time and talent, at no charge for the charity.

Here are some of the stills captured. We use RED cameras to capture stills and 5k sequences for the film. The camera is a photographer's dream, as it is entirely manual setting. But to be fair, the camera also provides the user with electronic guides.

However, the photographer's work is all about exposure, shutter speed, type of lens chosen to work with to match the type of image wanted. The lenses used in our shoots are prime lens with fast speed of 1.5 to 3.1

It makes a difference to work and allows high shutter speeds for the right still. Also, the RED images, allow us to get a billboard-size image, in a sharp, High Definition resolution.

The use of the red stills is getting more attention. It is now frequently used by some photographers for magazine cover publications such as Vogue.

For the photographer information, most of these stills were taken at 12FPS, at 5k, with a 2.2, 135 mm prime cine lens, at a compression of 8:1.

If you are interested in some of the stills, send me an email for access to the database..

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