Fashion Media Production Talent Opportunities

The Models & Actors are The talented faces of our achievements.
It takes a team to create, Produce and release our daily work.

Everyone needs to be credited,

Script Writers, Directors, Producers, Line Producers, Camera crews, Art dept, Communication Supervisors, project managers, Technical support, Casting Crew Makeup Artists, Hair and Makeup, Stylists, Sound team, Editors, Score artists -IT specialists, Marketing Gurus, website Managers, and more


Reach out to us!

We want to hear from you. We will answer all relevant questions as quickly as possible. Complete our contact form or, for modeling inquiries, contact Christian Love, Director of Corporate Model Mgt., HDworldmedia Companies,

Please Send your Portfolio, photo (s) resume attachments to the attention of

For client modeling &acting opportunities, please provide a link to a portfolio or attach photo(s) For Production positions, Please provide a link to a reel and position held or send attachments such as a Resume, please email. Thank you for your interest

Please provide us a link (s) to any available portfolio. you can also send us at least three images but no more than 8 - FULL, (head to toe) MID, (Waist and up) and BEAUTY (Portrait)

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Modeling, acting, or both. Would you like to be part of our projects?

Now is your chance! We are looking for fresh faces for our upcoming fashion projects! Please email us your resume and photo in the form above.

2023 Talent opportunities.

Talents get Paid on all commercial Projects.

  • When providing any work for production support services to a third-party filmmaker, advertiser, or another party that contracts us.
  • Any work supporting Workshops or events we create for Filmmakers and Photographers.
  • Any Work intended for the International Film Festivals. Talent will be fully credited and listed in IMDB.
  • In addition, our work may be submitted for Editorial publishing. Full credit will be provided.

We have opportunities for Models /actors for the following projects.

RITUAL. FASHION Designer Collection, St Simons GA, August 6, 7 & 8, 2023

  • Join us for an upcoming photoshoot featuring an established designer ready to capture the essence of style, elegance, and allure.
  • With a stunning collection of gowns and leather creations, this shoot promises to be a feast for the eyes, a celebration of beauty, and an epic experience.
  • The breathtaking imagery captured during this event will be submitted for exclusive editorial features, enhancing your portfolio and the designer's recognition in the fashion industry.
  • Please note that the collection requires models to meet the following measurements 5'7" in height and sizes to match 33-25-35.


  • The film My roman summer, IMDB 2023, is in pre-production
  • Episode 1 / Pilot Script is in development.
  • The intent is to produce a Pilot to pitch for a series to various streaming companies.
  • The casting and characters have not yet been cast.
  • Synopsis: Fashion media company staff adventures across different assignments starting in Rome, Italy.

SOUTHERN GLEN - 2023 - Filming will take place September 18-19-20-21

  • The film "Southern Glen" in Northeast Florida will be completed by the end of the year. Details Here
  • The filming will take place in September 2023
  • The May filming location will be Glen St Mary, The Glen Venue,

Bella Moda, Fashion Photoshoot November 2023

  • Fashion Media Workshop for Photographers and Filmmakers. Detail Here,
  • Hosted by a Master Photographer and award Winning Fashion Filmmaker, Michel Jaumin

Photography and film Camera workshops Combined with Fashion shoots ( 2023)

  • Red camera 2-day workshop Jacksonville, FL. Summer 2023
  • Hasselblad 2-day workshop - Jacksonville, FL. Summer 2023
  • New York City workshop - Late October 2023
  • Two-day Red Camera workshop
  • 3-day New York Fashion Street/ location Workshop. ( both red and Hasselblad )
  • 2 day Hasselblad workshop
  • Miami Workshop, Florida December 2023
  • Two-day Red Camera workshop
  • 3-day Miami Beach fashion/location Workshop. ( both red and Hasselblad )
  • 2 day Hasselblad workshop

2024 Projects

  • Filmmaker and Photographer Workshop
  • Photo and Film shoot Designer fashion,
  • Master Photographers Francesco Vincenti, Michel Jaumin
  • Designers Valentino, Moschino Masterclass - January 2023 -San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Capetown, South Africa - February 2024
  • Iceland - Spring 2024
  • Namibia - December 2024 / early 2025 - ( Winter in Southern Hemisphere)


All Models get compensated at a daily rate. Any travel expenses ( hotel, meals, Flights ) are covered for the Shoot duration. We try to offer and promote a safe and healthy environment. As such, we implement all CDC guidelines on set.

We abide by all related regional and national laws.

We are NOT A Model Agency!


We accept direct model inquiries and work to match qualified models with client designers, brands, and collections. Feel free to contact us, but be aware of the following before reaching out:

  • Models, Crews, Actors, and PAs are paid in conjunction with these scheduled events with an agreed-upon day rate before any work.
  • All Participants must register with our payroll service,, before any agreed-upon work is Paid.
  • Applicants should provide a relevant and recent portfolio and/or resume.
  • We prioritize models recommended to us and those having worked with us previously.
  • We prefer models that are local to the set location.
  • We abide by all US, international and local laws relating to modeling and acting.
  • We will provide full professional credit in all marketing material and film. ( Magazines, film credits, IMDB, press kits and releases, etc. )

Documents required:

  • All models must review and sign legally required and/or industry-standard documents.
  • Hdworldmedia requires a signed release of rights stating the agreed-upon compensation.
  • Hdworldmedia retains all rights to all media produced.
  • Hdworldmedia provides unlimited licenses to our clients.
  • Hdworldmedia requires all individuals participating in a client shoot to sign a non-disclosure document.
  • Hdworldmedia MAY require a non-compete agreement at the client's request in certain instances.
  • All models must provide government-issued identification.


  • All minor age models must follow all US and/or local laws to be applied.
  • All minors must abide by the legal working hours and may not work evenings or nights unless specific permission, accommodation, and a permit have been provided.
  • All minor-of-age models must always have a parent or legal guardian present during work.
  • Client designers/brands have the final say on selecting models best suited for their creations.

Portfolio building Service for Models:

This applies when a Model hires us to assemble a Portfolio.

  • HDworldmedia accepts applications from models beginning a career and wanting to build a portfolio and experience.
  • Generally, we accept newer models when we have published renowned master photographers participating in a shoot. This provides the model the opportunity for the best experience - of working with seasoned industry professionals and receiving high-quality stills and film for use in marketing.
  • We do expect models to cover their expenses, including travel.
  • Models are licensed to use media created explicitly for them with restrictions.
  • This experience allows emerging models to participate in an actual shoot, interact with all professional and highly experienced production team members, and be photographed in expertly styled couture fashions with professional make-up and hairstyling.
  • Should any media be used by the customer, compensation will be provided.

Remember to PLEASE provide YOUR PORTFOLIO, PHOTO(S), and RESUME.

“The secret to modeling is not being perfect... You have to be given what's needed by nature and what's needed is to bring something new.”