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We are Fashion Media creators

We leverage talent. Not a single of us can excel without the ideas, vision and creativity of others. Open communication and vision of this team's enabled us to achieve results and build credibility with our customers, peers and audiences.

We have a responsabilty to deliver a unique and stunning work, Leveraging all our combines talents and bringing in new talent when needed. We are never tired of ideas, concepts, untried, innovative, improved, daring. Our members, designers, models, customers, expect us to deliver excellence.

We commit to our work and are proud to add our names to it.

Michel Jaumin

Director, Master Photographer

Michel is an accomplished fashion photographer/filmmaker whose most recognizable works include "Susanna" and "Deepest Secret" fashion short films that have garnered more than a two dozen international film festival awards and nominations. He also is a sought-after IT professional with extensive experience working with global fortune 500 Companies. 

Sienna International Photography awards - 2022

Hdworldmedia Companies

Over the years we have worked with many talented individuals that have been instrumental in producing both still and film media. every one of them is talented and it has resulted in numerous recognitions for us globally. Some have been steady participants and some occasional. All are part of the team. and need to be credited for their work.