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Iconic Location Shoots 


Together we have the know-how needed

and the will to share the knowledge. 

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Very simply put, we provide for: 


Designers, Couturiers, Retailers,  to trust us with their fashion designs clothing and accessories to be modeled, photographed and filmed in an Iconic location. 


Models are invited to submit an application e-mail and link to portfolio to participate in theses Iconic Fashion Set shoots 

We schedule Photo and film shoot in locations that will enhance your fashion creations and your collection.

Aromas of Havana

Vibrant colors and designs of Havana

The Havana Shoot and Masterclass, of fashion in the Cuban city, to showcase both Cuban and American designers, A true people to people experience and an opportunity of discovering the richness of design and art of both countries.

This shoot is destined for Photographers, Filmmakers wanting to participate and learn Media production in an on assignment working set environment sharing this with Cuban...
Havana Fashion.

Cayman Islands

For  designers  - to submit designs

We take your designs to the islands 

June 28th to July 5th 2017 

Fashion shoot. This is shoot is limited to designers clothing and accessories, entrusted to us We provide the Models and the set team. The price is set per design.
Cayman Island


We'd love to hear from you

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